The Code of Ethics Northridge believes in    The Code Of Ethics Northridge believes in



I will fully cooperate with State and Federal wildlife officials and will abide by, and advise my client of all applicable conservation and game laws, statutes and regulations and will not condone their violation.

I will maintain serviceable equipment and gear in good working condition. When providing bedding or other personal equipment, it will be clean and sufficient for weather conditions likely to be encountered. I will employ well trained, courteous and sufficient personnel to adequately care for my quests, and to facilitate rendering the services offered.

I will maintain neat, orderly and sanitary camp at all times. I will provide reasonably well prepared, palatable and balanced camp fare for clients and personnel in keeping with the conditions of the hunt.

Rates, accommodations and services will be clearly defined to prospective clients prior to booking and acceptance of down payment. I will not misrepresent clients through false or fictitious advertising. I will at all times conduct my operation and services in an ethical and business-like manner.

I will honestly advise my clients of Fish and Game populations in the area and their chances of encountering the species they desire in the time allotted. However, I will make no "guarantees" as to the success of a fishing trip or hunt.

I will make every effort to fully acquaint my clients with all the conditions of weather, terrain, equipment, travel and housing they might expect on the trip and advise them as to guns, equipment, clothing and other gear they mush furnish, and the approximate degree of physical endurance, agility, strength and skill required to enhance their chances of success while a field.

I will never fill a client's game tag or fill their limit of fish.

Barring unforeseen conditions, all Fish & Game hides and capes will be prepared and delivered to the processor, taxidermist or to the clients at the conclusion of the trip in a satisfactory and usable condition.

I will at all times cooperate fully with private landowners, and public land management agencies and respect their rights and privileges.

I will at all times provide for the safety of clients and personnel, and when necessary, will not hesitate to remind anyone of firearms safety rules or call to their attention any other unsafe practice.